Act to Heal the Child Who is Sexually Abusing Other Children

In the average eighth grade classroom with the six sexually abused children, there is a seventh child with a sexual health problem. This child - usually a boy - is sexually abusing younger children.

Most men who, after the age of 16, develop the disorder pedophilia show signs of the disorder early in life.

At the age of 9, 10, 11, 12, and in their early teens, they may:

  • Have continuing fantasies of sexually touching a much younger child.
  • Sexually touch a much younger child.

Because a sexual interest in much younger children starts early, we must intervene early.


  1. View a child's sexual interest in much younger children as a health problem.

  2. Be the capable adult who will help the child with this health problem.

  3. Take the child to a health professional, a sex-specific therapist.

    1. Seek early diagnosis

    2. Get effective treatment